Day 1: Arriving at the Ming water inspection Pyatigorsk, at the end of the day ascent to the mountain Mashuk \ bathing in the sulfur baths. Overnight in Pyatigorsk.
Day 2: Climbing Mount Beshtau, inspection Essentukov. Overnight in Pyatigorsk.
Day 3: Arrival in the Elbrus region. Mountaineering Museum, clearing Narzanov, cableway to Tcheget. Overnight in Terskol \ Azau.
Day 4: Cableway on Drums, track to shelter 11 check to the waterfall Maiden braids. Overnight in Terskol \ Azau.
Day 5: Arrival in Nalchik (Goat market, museum deportation Park nat museum, lecture and demonstration Circassian checkers)
Baile Aushiger. Overnight in Nalchik.
Day 6: Blue Lakes, Upper Balkaria, the arrival in Alagir. Check the statue Wasgergi, Sulphur Springs. Bathing in Biragzange. Overnight in Alagir.
Day 7: Dzivgischskaya rock fortress, Alan Monastery, Tsmiti, Dargavs, Karmadon, the arrival of Vladikavkaz. Overnight in Vladikavkaz.
Day 8: Inspection of Vladikavkaz, schools, cemeteries Beslan arrival in Nazran \ Magas. Overnight in Nazran \ Magas.
Day 9: Inspection of Magas, Nazran, memorial Abi-Hove move to Grozny. Museum Dondi-Yurt
in Urus-Martan. Inspection evening Grozny. Overnight in Grozny.
Day 10: Inspection of Grozny. Mosque Heart of Chechnya, Grozny City, National Museum, Kadyrov. Check in Makhachkala. Climbing the dune Sarah Qom. Overnight in Makhachkala.
Day 11: Sightseeing in Makhachkala (Nat Museum, the Great Mosque), the move to Derbent.
Visit the church in the village Nyugdi. Overnight in Derbent.
Day 12: Sightseeing of Derbent – walls, Magalim fortress Naryn-Kala, the Synagogue,
Great Mosque, bath, the Armenian Church. Bathing in the sea. Overnight in Derbent.
Day 13: Moving Derbent Makhachkala, Derbent or – Min water.
Departure from Makhachkala \ Min waters.

This ends your tour in Russian Caucasus.



Itinerary for the tour in Abkhazia, Sochi, Dagomys, South Ossetia, Rostov On Don
Day 1  – Flying from Moscow to Sochi. We will cross Russian-Abkhazian border. Transfer from Adler Airport to Sochi. Orientation tour and check in at the hotel and rest.
Day 2  – We will drive to Abkhazia’s border custom’s clearance and continue driving to Gagra. Lunch and orientation tour in Gagra. We will proceed to Sukhum. Staying overnight in Sukhum at hotel Ritsa.
Day 3 – We will drive to New Afon. There we will be visiting New Afon Cave (the biggest cave in the former USSR!), New Afon monastery, waterfall, Anakopia fortress. After this we will visit the dendrarium, the national museum, the monkey zoo. In the evening we will be walking at the cultural beach of Sukhum. Staying overnight in Sukhum.
Day 4  – We will be visiting the old parlament house (we can go to the top of the house!), after this we’ll be driving to Besleti Bridge, and Kyalasur wall. We’ll be bathing in natural hot water spring of Kindig. Then we’ll be visiting the tea factory (and take part in degustation of different Abkhazian teas). We will also visit Lykhny church. Staying overnight in Lykhny.
Day 5  – We’ll be driving to Upshara canyon where we’ll see the waterfalls of Gega and Upshara. Then we will drive to Lake Rica, visit Stalin’s house, and  Abata fortress in Gagra. After this we will be leaving Abkhazia and have an excursion in Olympic village in Sochi. We will continue driving to Krasnaya Polyana. Staying overnight in Krasnaya Polyana.
Day 6  – We will be visiting Sochi’s dendrarium. After this we will drive to the birth place of Russian tea – Soloh aul, and visit the museum of Solo haul, and Dagomys’s tea houses. 18:43 – A train from Sochi to  Vladikavkaz. Overnight in train.
Day 7  –  At 13:20 – The train will be arriving in Vladikavkaz. We will continue driving to Tskhinval and will reach South Ossetian border. We will drive through Roki tunnel and Roki pass. We will visit Fortress Machabeli, Tir monastery, and destroyed historical centre of Tskhinval. Overnight in Tskhinval.
Day 8  – We will be driving to Leningor. We will visit Ksani’s Eristavs Palace, the art museum, Armazi church. We will sample Georgian cuisine. After this we will leave South Ossetia and follow the road along Alagir valley. We will be visiting Beslan school. At 18:40 – the train from Beslan to Rostov-on-Don. Overnight in train.
Day 9  – Arriving in Rostov at 6:36. You can leave personal belongings in the storage room. We will take at 7:32 an electric train to Novocherkassk. There we’ll be walking around the historical centre, visiting Sunday’s church, Museum of Don’s Cossaks. After this we will take a bus to Rostov, and from Rostov to Azov. We’ll be visiting the Azov’s Museum (with rare paleolithic animals!). We will also visit the walls and storehouses of Azov Fortress. Then we will take a bus to Rostov. Overnight in Rostov.
Day 10 – We’ll take a bus to Taganrog. There we’ll be visiting the historical city centre, the city museum, the museum of Chekhov. We’ll take the bus to Rostov and walk around the historical centre of Rostov.
Day 11  – At 9:00- we will start the river cruise to Starocherkasskaya. At 17:00 we’ll be arriving in Rostov. We will be visiting the museum of Rostov. Overnight in Rostov.



Day 1. Arrival from Moscow (airports DME or VKO) to Mineralnaya Voda by plane (MRV). Meet at the airport and drive to Pyatigorsk. In the evening we will take a walk around the historical town centre. Overnight in Pyatigorsk.
Day 2. Trekking to Mount Beshtau (1400m), walking in the historical city of Essentuki and taste different mineral waters. Overnight in Pyatigorsk.
Day 3. Driving to the Elbrus region (Mount Elbrus – the highest point in Europe – 5642m). Visiting Mountaineering Museum,  the valley of mineral waters (Narzan), then we will take a cable car to mount Tcheget (3420m). Overnight in Terskol (2200m).
Day 4. We will take a cable car to Drums (3500- First step for climbing to Mt. Elbrus), trekking to shelter 11(4200m). Going down by cable car. Trekking to the waterfall of Maiden Braids. Overnight in Terskol.
Day 5. Driving from Elbrus area to Nalchik. Visiting the goat market and the shop of Balkarian candy. Driving to deep Blue Lakes and the old stone village of Upper Balkaria. Overnight in Alagir.
Day 6. See the statue of Wasgergi, visit Sulphur Springs. Bathing in the natural hot water spring of Biragzange. Driving to Magas (National Fortress – 100m), museum Abi-Hove, arrive at Grozny. walking in the evening in Grozny. Overnight in Grozny.
Day 7. Excursion in Grozny. Visiting Mosque of Heart of Chechnya, Grozny City, National Museum, Kadyrov. Driving to sand hill Sary-kum. Trekking in Sary-kum. Driving to Derbent. Overnight in Derbent (The oldest city in Russia).
Day 8. Sightseeing of Derbent: city walls, Arabian quarters (Magal’s), Iranian fortress Naryn-Kala, the mountain judge’s Synagogue, Great Mosque (the oldest in Russia), traditional bath, the Armenian Church. Swimming in the Caspian sea.
Day 9. If possible during days 5 and 6 we will go to South Ossetia. And on the 10th day we will drive from Derbent to Mineralnaya Voda airport. If not possible, on day 9 we will go to Kubachi (ancient mountain village of jewelery masters). Driving to Alagir. Overnight in Alagir.
Day 10. Bathing in the natural hot water spring of Biragzange. Visiting a blacksmith workshop. Driving to airport Mineralnaya Voda.


Andrei Rodimtsev

If I am not available for your requested dates I have a colleague Andrei Rodimtsev can perform your tour in Caucasus, Russia or Iran.