West Estonia Tour is 11 days long and starts and ends in Tallinn.

Day 1 – Tallinn

Our time spent in Tallinn will be depending on the arrival time at the airport. We will do as much sightseeing as possible.

Day 2 – Nõva

Our first stop after Tallinn will be beautiful Nõva beach and its pristine forests where we will take a walk. Then we will continue our drive towards Haapsalu, where we will be staying overnight.

Nõva Forests

Nõva Forests

Day 3 – Haapsalu

Today we will be exploring Haapsalu, including the episcopal castle and cathedral from the 13th of century. It is the resort town known for its salt mud spas since the 19th century when it became popular among Russian aristocracy. Famous composer Pjotr Tchaikovsky also stayed here and was inspired in his musical creations. We will be staying overnight in Haapsalu for another night.

Haapsalu Castle

Haapsalu Castle

Day 4 – Matsalu National Park

Today we will drive towards south to Matsalu National Park. It is a nature reserve and natural park, best known by bird watchers as it is one of the most important stopover places for migrating birds in Europe. We will take walks in the beautiful coastal and wooded meadows and peaceful open landscapes. We will be staying overnight in Haapsalu.

Day 5 – Hiiumaa

We will drive to Rohuküla and will take a ferry to Hiiumaa – the second biggest island in Estonia. We will be discovering this marvellous island, including Kassari island attached by the dam road. We will be staying overnight in Hiiumaa.

Day 6 – Hiiumaa

We will continue exploring Hiiumaa, and among other places will visit one of the oldest lighthouses in the world – Kõpu Lighthouse which has been in continuous use since 1531. We will stay another night in Hiiumaa.

Day 7 – Muhu and Saaremaa

Today we will take a ferry back to Rohuküla on the mainland, and drive towards south to Virtsu. From there we will take another ferry to Muhu. Muhu is a small island on the way to Saaremaa – which the biggest island in Estonia. We will enjoy exploring Muhu and its charming traditional Koguva village. We will be staying overnight in either Muhu or Saaremaa.

Day 8 – Saaremaa

Saaremaa is a short drive along the connecting road from Muhu. We will spend a day discovering this lovely island, including Kaali meteorite crater. We will also visit Kuressaare – the biggest town on the island and its Episcopal Castle, built in the 14th century. We will be staying overnight in Saaremaa or Muhu.

Day 9 – Pärnu

Today we will take a ferry back to Virtsu in the mainland and drive to Pärnu. Pärnu is one of the most popular summer holiday resorts in Estonia both historically as well as in modern times. We will be delighted to explore this easygoing town of beautiful old villas, spas, restaurants… We will be staying overnight in Pärnu.

Day 10 – Pärnu

We will spend another relaxing day in Pärnu with its romantic beach promenade and parks, laid-back yacht club and beautiful vistas over the sea and sandy beach… We will stay another night in Pärnu.

Day 11 – Drive back to Tallinn

Today we will say good bye to Pärnu and drive back to Tallinn. Depending on your flight schedule, we spend some time in exploring Tallinn before we say good bye to each other…