I am an international driver who speaks fluent English, Japanese, Turkish, French, Italian and I can communicate in Russian, Chinese (Mandarin) and German. I can drive a car or a van in almost every country in the world.

on private tour with a couple

in Termessos, conducting a private tour

My attributes: I am a tour guide. I have worked as a tour guide for various tour operators and have traveled extensively with Japanese, Canadian, Chinese, American tour groups conducting tours in their own languages. I have an E-class driver’s license for driving passenger vehicles in New Zealand, Estonia and Turkey with unblemished driving records. So driving left side, right side big or small cars, minivans and vans is all fine with me. I consider safe driving is the most important part of my international driver work.

My education: I studied Archaeology and Philology at the University of Ankara, in Turkey, I also studied at Omsk State Pedagogical University, Omsk, (Russia) and at Iowa State University; Iowa City, Iowa, (USA).

My Experience: I started to conduct tours in 1983 and have performed over 500 tours, traveled over 850,000 km, I worked for more than 20 travel agencies, including, Kuoni, Cox & Kings, Marmara, Deren Koray Travel, I Viaggi Del Ventaglio etc., conducted archaeological and cultural tours. I have been living and working in Turkey, Europe, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Russia. But offer driver companion services in most countries of the world.

The Organizations: I am active member and supporter of Greenpeace I am on the translation team and act as an interpreter during some of their projects in Turkey. Lately I started to support several wildlife conservation organisations such as WWF and Animals Asia.

Personal Information: I divide my time between Estonia and Turkey. I am a vegetarian but sometimes in summer while traveling I keep a fruitarian diet, consisting of eating only fruits and nuts from the trees. I was born in Istanbul and grew up in Ankara. While in Turkey I generally live in Cappadocia region, located in central Anatolia. In my free time I do body building, take walks in the valleys and plant pine and fruit trees, or work on the restoration of an old Cappadocia cave house which I have partially transformed into a small guest house.

My e class driving license

My Turkey International Driver Licence


my Turkey guiding licence

New Zealand International Driver Licence

My New Zealand International Driver Licence

If you decide to travel with me, I will pay attention to every detail, and will make certain you receive the best value for your time and money.

Explaining biblical mosaics to an Italian group in Chora Church

Guiding an Italian group In Chora Church, Istanbul Turkey

Perge Hellenistic gate at the background

In Perge on Private tour with Americans, Antalya, Turkey

I am explaining bilingual Greco Roman inscriptions on Couretes Boulevard, in Ephesus

Explaining bilingual Greco Roman inscriptions on Couretes Boulevard, in Ephesus Turkey

I am guiding a Canadian group in Goreme open air museum, in Cappadocia

Guiding a Canadian group in Goreme open air museum, in Cappadocia, Turkey

I am giving lecture at Priene antique theatre

Giving lecture at Priene antique theatre, Aydin Turkey

In Istanbul explaining the events of the ancient hippodrome

Explaining the events of the ancient hippodrome, in Istanbul, Turkey

I am at Chicago airport

Chicago airport starting a business trip with a Turkish businessman, in Chicago, USA

guiding a small Japanese group

Cappadocia guiding a small Japanese group in Cappadocia, Turkey

In Indianapolis with race car

In Indianapolis, in USA

In California presenting my products

In California, USA

On private tour on the acropolis of ancient Pergamon drinking wine with guests from Japan

On a private tour with Japanese guests, drinking wine in the courtyard of the ancient Trajan temple, in Pergamon, in Izmir, Turkey

Visiting Anzac cemeteries in Gallipoli with a small group from New Zealand

In Gallipoli with a small group from New Zealand, in Canakkale, Turkey

Guiding a French group in Cappadocia Zelve valley

In Cappadocia Zelve valley guiding a French group, in Nevsehir, Turkey