Tolun Cerkes



my old Toyota Estima in Taupo, New Zealand

Greetings! My name is Tolun Cerkes, I am a personal travel assistant organizing private, tailored tours around the world. I am an archaeologist, traveler, tour operator, tour guide and driver. I have been working as a private tour guide for many years. I speak fluently English, Japanese, Turkish, French, Italian and can communicate in Russian, Chinese and German languages. I believe the best way to visit a country is in the company of a private travel assistant who speaks the language of that country and who knows about local culture, traditions and customs. If you are thinking of taking a driving tour in a foreign country, I can arrange a comfortable private tour for you and be your personal travel assistant. For sightseeing or for a business trip I offer my companion services in just about any country in the world. I will be happy to design a custom itinerary for you, plan your trip, book your accommodations and show you around.

International driver service in Indianapolis

on tour in Indianapolis, US with a rented car

As a visitor to a new country you want to visit places which have special interest for you, maybe some of the famous sights, landmarks, ancient cities, natural beauties and possibly you want to experience the culture of its people. I will give you general information of the sites you visit and the areas in which you travel, leaving you with wonderful memories of your time in the countries you like to travel. I will be happy to tailor your trip to your requirements but have also provided suggested itineraries for some countries. I would like your journey be filled with interesting discoveries and stories to tell for every single day. In addition to museum and park visits, I can offer great walks, adventure, adrenaline sports and more depending on the countries you visit.

So avoid the hassle of organizing your trip and driving yourself, leave it all to me and just enjoy your journey.

I have an Audi Quattro A6 in Estonia which I use for tours in Europe, and a Vw Caravelle minivan in Turkey which I use for tours in Turkey as well as in Europe, Caucasus and Russia. But I drive any type rental cars where you travel.

In Tallinn

my Audi A6 in Tallinn, Estonia


my vw caravelle, in Istanbul Turkey